Monday, June 2, 2008

Where's my instant gratification?

Oh lordy, I am too old to be this silly. When I started this blog two weeks ago, I was so gung ho to finally be conquering my debt! I have been diligently frugal, have found a second job, have made $185 in snowflakes, earned 185 points at MySurvey, filled out my debt calculator fifty ways till Sunday, and I think I should have more to show for it!

But I don't. And my grown up side knows that this is just the beginning. No matter how much I've done in the last two weeks, it's what I do over the next two years that is going to make a difference in my financial picture.

Of course, all the good things I did were off-set by some pretty dumb amnesia on my part too. Wells Fargo allows us to receive a cash advance based on a direct deposit that we receive every month. They don't let you do it forever, but irregardless, I don't want to do it. They take their $500 back plus another $50 fee for allowing us to advance our deposit early. Last month I took a $400 advance. It's getting pulled out of our checking account tomorrow and the last thing in the world I want to do is incur another advance this month. Add to that the fact that my daughter is celebrating her 18th birthday tonight and graduating from high school tomorrow and you can see where the next two weeks can get a little expensive.

We are celebrating very cheaply, but even so, it adds up. Her big gift for both occasions is her own camera cell phone and three months of service (flat rate, of course!).

So, between the cost of re-paying Wells Fargo and the gift/celebration expenses, we are already flat-out broke until the next payday. I'm going to list a doll today, but who knows if she will sell quickly. Interested parties can keep their eye on today. And I think the stimulus check will be here soon. That will help. It's actually needed to pay our 2007 taxes, but that's another story!

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