Thursday, May 22, 2008

A veritable blizzard!

Yesterday I got hired at OSH! Part-time, evenings and weekends. By my estimation, I will be increasing our income by at least $400 per month. Wooooohhoooooo! So, here is what I will be doing with it:

  1. $200 added to my debt snowball.

  2. $200 into the emergency savings.

So excited! Speaking of excited, yesterday I found the most awesome free download! It is a Debt Reduction Calculator and you can download it here. You can enter in your credit card balances, the interest rate, the minimum payment and the amount of your snowball and it calculates a payment plan for you. Even better, you can tell it to calculate paying off the smallest balance first or the highest interest debt first, plus a couple of other options. Such a great tool!

I feel like yesterday I equipped myself (new job) for a long journey and then I found the treasure map (the calculator)! So....let's go!


Mrs. Accountability said...
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Mrs. Accountability said...

Oops, I submitted before I was done commenting that's why I removed the previous post! Thanks for the spreadsheet link - I went to the site and noticed it is a Vertex 42 calculator. That guy has a lot of great spreadsheets at his site. I just unzipped it - I haven't seen this one before, it looks exciting (can you tell I love Excel, lol?) Congrats on your new part-time job!